Friday, June 11, 2004




 But now the heart is set: You want to have

the tale of all my trials -- and I must add

more tears to all I have already shed.

What should I tell you first? What should be last?

I've had so many griefs at heaven's hands.

Let me begin by telling you my name,

so that you, too, may know it; for I may --

when I've escaped from fate's most cruel day --

receive you, though my home is far away.

~ The Odyssey of Homer


Noplacia was once my name,
That is, a place where no one goes.
Plato’s Republic now I claim
To match, or beat at its own game;
For that was just a myth in prose,
But what he wrote of, I became,
Of men, wealth, laws a solid frame,
A place where every wise man goes;
Goplacia is now my name

- Thomas More,
from Utopia

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